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About Medical Magnet Foundation

Theresa Henry and Gus Alvarez founded the Medical Magnet Foundation to address the financial needs of Medical Magnet Programs in our education system, similar to the high school Medical Magnet Program their daughter is enrolled in at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, California. The Alvarez family, already having several successful medical industry companies, are passionate about opening doors that might otherwise be unrealistic for most students by investing in early medical education programs.

Sustaining these programs demands significant resources, particularly financial support. The mission is to organize fundraising events to provide the ongoing financial support necessary to keep Medical Magnet Programs thriving.

With the help of our donors and partnerships, we can establish more Medical Magnet Programs in high schools across the US. Join us in funding the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Medical Magnet Foundation Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The foundation’s mission centers on empowering high school students to pursue careers in the medical field at a very early stage in their academic program. The foundation’s goal is to provide the necessary funding that Medical Magnet Programs require to continue thriving and partnering with medical professionals to establish Medical Magnet Programs in high schools across the United States in areas where these programs are not readily financially available.

Our Vision

Create new opportunities and options for children entering the high school level to participate in rewarding, compassionate, caring, and valuable medical careers while addressing the shortfall of medical professionals in the healthcare industry today.

Core Values

Next Generation of medical professionals


We prioritize a commitment to educational excellence, ensuring that every student in the program receives a top-notch medical education.


We empower high school students to realize their potential and pursue successful careers in healthcare through access to resources, mentorship, and scholarships.


We believe in the power of collaboration, forging partnerships with medical organizations and professionals to enhance the program's impact.


We continuously innovate to stay at the forefront of medical education, adapting and evolving our program to meet the changing needs of aspiring healthcare professionals.

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