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Our History

Medical Magnet History

Founded in 2023 the Medical Magnet Foundation originated from the Alvarez Family’s commitment to education and their daughter’s impactful experience in the JSerra High School Medical Magnet Program, Project A – Pulse®. Founded and directed by Dr. Betty Cappelletti in 2010, the program’s mission and vision is to offer high school students considering a career in the medical field a four-year course of studies. In addition to classroom instruction in advanced math, life, and health sciences, the curriculum is combined with clinical knowledge provided by working professionals in a hospital setting at MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills.

Classroom instruction is supplemented with lectures and observed operations by medical professionals along with hands-on procedures such as the Laerdal Body Simulator, SimRated courses, Anatomage Table 10, and Autopsy Online. These tools help educate and equip students with the skill set necessary for multiple medical disciplines.

Eighty-eight percent of students who graduated from this challenging high school program are currently in universities, nursing schools, medical schools, and/or medical facilities throughout the United States and abroad. These young, soon-to-be, healthcare professionals reported that the program along with their hospital experience was instrumental in enhancing their undergraduate studies.

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Program Resources

Our commitment to providing top-notch educational resources sets the Medical Magnet Foundation apart. Students have access to:

Medical Magnet Clinics

Immersive Clinical Experience

Clinical experience at partner healthcare institutions, renowned for their commitment to education.

Medical Magnet Equipment

Cutting-Edge Facilities

State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest medical technology.

Medical Magnet Educators

Experienced Mentorship

Guidance from experienced healthcare professionals who serve as mentors.

Medical Magnet Memorial Care

Strategic Healthcare Partnerships

Partnerships with local healthcare providers, offering unique learning opportunities.

Medical Magnet Program Director

Dr. Betty Cappelletti

Program Director

Dr. Betty Cappelletti, the founder and director of the JSerra Medical Magnet Program, is a passionate educator and advocate for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine. Under her leadership, the Medical Magnet Program has become one of the most prestigious and competitive programs of its kind in the nation. Students in the program benefit from rigorous classroom instruction in advanced math, life, and health science, as well as clinical rotations at MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center. Dr. Cappelletti is committed to providing her students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to succeed in their chosen fields. She is also a strong believer in the importance of character education and values-based leadership. Her students often remark on her dedication, passion, and commitment to their success. Dr. Cappelletti is a valuable asset to the JSerra community and the Medical Magnet Program. Her vision and leadership have helped to create a program that is truly preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Visionary Founding

Pioneering Leadership

Dr. Betty Cappelletti's vision led to the establishment of a four-year curriculum designed to meld academic rigor with real-world clinical exposure.

Partnership with Memorial Care:

The program's distinction lies in its partnership with Memorial Care Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills, where students obtain hands-on experience in a hospital setting.

Program Components

Academic Rigor:

The curriculum delves into advanced math, life sciences, and healthcare, setting a challenging standard for students to excel.

Clinical Exposure:

Beyond classroom learning, students engage in lectures, observe operations, and interact with distinguished medical professionals.

Pathways to Excellence

4-Year Plan:

The program offers students a platform to explore diverse medical disciplines while fostering other interests, be it in sports, arts, or extracurricular pursuits.

Academic Progression:

A structured course path guides students from biology honors to specialized subjects in genetics, neuroscience, and advanced mathematics.

Program Costs and Prerequisites

Comprehensive Curriculum:

The curriculum includes courses in medical technology, ethics of healthcare, research methods, and more, demanding enrollment in additional science and math courses compared to conventional high school programs.

Integrated Learning:

Emphasis on life science application alongside interactions with medical professionals supplements classroom education.

Medical Magnet Graduate
Sarah Thompson
Alumni Spotlight

Meet Sarah Thompson, a proud alumna of the Medical Magnet Foundation’s program. Sarah’s journey began when she joined the foundation’s high school initiative with a passion for healthcare. Today, she stands as a successful practicing nurse, thanks to the solid foundation in science and clinical knowledge she gained through the program. Sarah’s story is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals.


Get answers to common questions from donors, students, and schools. Your journey with the Medical Magnet Foundation begins here.

The program is open to high school students, specifically those in grades 9 through 12, who are passionate about pursuing a career in the medical field.

Our foundation is committed to supporting partner schools and institutions in implementing the program successfully. We offer guidance on curriculum integration, access to educational resources, and ongoing collaboration with experienced healthcare professionals. Please contact us to learn more about onboarding.

Certainly! The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines classroom instruction with invaluable clinical experience. Our structured approach ensures students receive a well-rounded education, covering both academic coursework and hands-on training.

The Medical Magnet Foundation’s program is inclusive and welcomes students from both public and private schools who meet the eligibility criteria. We believe that a diverse student body enriches the learning experience and prepares future healthcare professionals for a dynamic healthcare landscape.

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